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Can an Inspection Help Your Home Sell Faster?

Today, buyers have more houses than ever to consider. How can you make them pay attention to your listing?

A pre-listing home inspection might actually help your house sell more quicklyand for more money.

Imagine catching the eye of a potential buyer by advertising that your home has already been inspected and that there are no surprises. A home that has been well maintained may give buyers more confidence that there are no underlying issues and creates the impression that the seller is acting in good faith by conveying the home in good condition.

A pre-listing inspection will not only alert sellers to potential problems with the house, but sellers who nip problems in the bud and undertake repairs immediately will also be eliminating potential bargaining chips. That can put more money in a sellers pocket.

Most contracts contain inspection contingencies that allow buyers to back out if issues arise. By providing a pre-inspection report, however, a seller might even be able to eliminate these contingencies, thereby saving timeand reducing the chance that the buyer will back out.

Of course, if the pre-listing inspection uncovers defects, the seller then has to determine which repairs he will make. In addition, sellers are required to disclose any known defects or problems to a potential buyer. Its best to address these issues up front by providing the entire inspection report to the buyer.

How best to find a qualified home inspector? The American Society of Home Inspectors provides referrals to certified inspectors via the Find an Inspector tool found on its Web site, at Or simply ask your real estate professional for a recommendation. He or she can provide you with the names of several licensed inspectors in your area.

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